Marketing courses

Courses must be prepared in the order of their numbering, be careful,there can be several slide shows for the same theme

Thème 1 : Understanding concept marketing

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Thème 2 : Consumption trends

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Thème n° 3 : analyse the market

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Thème n° 4 : evaluate the competitive field

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Thème 5 : Decrypt the environment

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Thème 6 : understand consumer’s behavior and segment market

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Télécharger (PPTX, 568KB)

Thème 7 : chose a marketing strategy

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Thème 7 : fix marketing objectives

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Thème 7 : target custumers

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Thème 7 : position the offer

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Thème 7 : design mix marketing

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Thème 8 : define product policy

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Thème 9 : fix the price

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Thème 10 : chose channels

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